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Ever since that rainy night in Dun Morogh he had felt a warm sting whenever he saw the young rogue. After careful consideration of both his mental and physical wellbeing he eventually decided that the pain came, not from his heart skipping a beat at the sight of her lovely face, but rather his skin remembering her pointy daggers and the way they rendered him incapacitated. Initially he had been inclined to be amused by her skittishness and the way she still jumped whenever they chanced to meet in the halls of Ironforge, but as his healing took longer than first anticipated due to her love of coating her weapons in unknown poisons, he started to regret ever meeting her. If it hadn’t been for the raggedy troupe of soldiers she travelled with he would have been a dead elf that night. Her abilities as a healer were verging on the savage and though it was clear that she could have benefitted from some proper training at an early stage, she was now too old now to learn more.
These days
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Mature content
Sister Dearest, part four :iconnuffelita:Nuffelita 2 6
Sister Dearest, part three
*** Made by Nuffelita for Deviant Art 09.10.2011 ***
The storm had made their journey grind to a halt. A dry space under a rock had been their hide-out these three days already, and Ganage's temper was steadily getting worse as hunger set in. They had rationed what little food there was, and though fresh water was in abundance now they had nothing to eat.
"Oh, ye just wait. Once this storm clears up I'll kill me a bear with me bare hands!" His gaze glazed over and his expression became vacant as it often did when he was daydreaming. His hands didn't leave their work for a second though, and his axe looked sharper with every passing turn of the grinding stone.
Serentia, the deranged elf, seemed much more at ease with her new companions and bore the lack of food with an air of decided serenity. She'd sleep when not spoken to, and kept watch when it was her turn despite there not being much danger of being found in this gale. No-one would be mad enough to venture out in such weather. The
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Of scrawny elves and kittens
***** By Nuffelita for Deviant Art 17.04.2011 *****
The ledge she'd roosted on had become narrower as her sleep deprivation started to kick in. Luckily the horde hadn't been expecting company of her sort to drop down in their midst and while they got their act together the rogue fled. An up-turned chair became her saviour: it had hit an orc right in the face making him flail around for a split second.
That was all she needed to get out.
She dropped down a steep hill to an evening market. The various vendors selling meat, grain and cloth made a perfect cover and as darkness swept across the people and animals the elf disappeared with a bag full of stolen goods.
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Up top
***** By Nuffelita for Deviant Art 6-2-2011 *****
"You bastard! You can't leave me here like this!"
Varia was dangling from the ship's mast. Her feet were more than twenty feet above the deck and her hands were tied behind her back. Two gleaming axes protruded from the thick wood but she'd not be able to reach them unless someone let her down.
Someone laughed at her from over by the steering wheel but the wind caught his voice. She could see his mouth move inaudibly.
Windsong was rather enjoying this method of punishing her for her latest adventure. Once again she'd refused to stay on the ship while his men went to fetch supplies. She'd snuck off to explore the dingy barracks surrounding the harbour leaving the ship unguarded. She had returned with a ruby-hilted sword made from titanium, but he knew she'd stolen it. He didn't approve of thieving. Not while he paid her wages.
She wouldn't be leaving her post this time.
"How's the weather up there, sweetheart?"
"Shut up, Doc, and get me
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Mature content
Troublesome distraction :iconnuffelita:Nuffelita 7 9
An unexpected meeting
***** by Nuffelita for Deviant Art 20.11.2010 *****
A foul stench filled her nostrils as she slowly lifted her head to find her nose inches from a pair of gleaming metal boots complete with menacing toe spikes:
"Get up, wench. Daylight is almost upon us and we don't want the likes of you to litter the streets of our respectable town."
The elf could feel a scoff bubbling just beneath the surface of her somewhat reduced conscience, but she quelled it. Apparently she hadn't lost all her common sense the previous night. She stumbled to her feet and lurched silently in his wake. He was a rather beefy guard dressed in a pristine uniform made from plated metal and she eyed the gilded details on his bracers with curiosity.
"That must have cost the king some extra gold," she thought and concealed a giggle by yawning violently. The trek was of short duration and she soon found herself at the entrance of the local inn where, judging by the state of her dry mouth, she'd spent a decent handful of s
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Mature content
Sister dearest pt 2 :iconnuffelita:Nuffelita 8 20
Dancing on the blade's edge
***** by Nuffelita for Deviant Art 05.10.2010 *****
Dancing on a blade's edge in Darkshire.
"What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?" She eyed the barman for a while but he seemed to be deaf and merely continued to polish a glass with a dirty rag. "Never mind, I brought my own..." She pulled out a bottle of dark ale from her bag. It was warm, but she was thirsty.
"Having trouble with the barman?"
She turned only find her face to face with an elf. He was tall and handsome in his... skirt?
"Err, what?" She was still staring at his purple skirt when he spoke again;
"A few nights ago he refused to serve me anything. I tell you, this forest has done things to the people here. They're all crazy."
"Oh, I'm good. I usually carry my own stuff anyway. Want? It's Dark Iron ale." She held out her bottle to him but he waved a hand to decline her offer.
"No thank you. I've tried that stuff once, and once is enough." He looked nauseous at the thought and she decided not to pursue the
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Sister dearest, part one.
***** by Nuffelita for Deviant Art 05.10.2010 *****
"Varia, my sweet, come here for a moment."The voice was soft and caring, filled to the brim and beyond with love and hope.
Varia could sense this but she didn't know who the strange woman was. Her grandmother had picked her up from the scholars early; she never understood why she had to sit with the druids every day anyway, so it was a welcome relief. The tiny elf looked suspicious but tottered over to the new arrival with a slight pout on her cute face.
The beautiful elf picked her up and hugged her, swinging her around as if she was dancing; her laughter sounded like song, and Varia couldn't suppress a small smile. It was all so safe around this druidess.
"She looks like a miniature of you, Eld, just slightly less cheerful" A melodious growl came from the shadows; a large man sat there, almost hidden from view.
Varia looked at him for a moment; these must be her parents!
She wriggled loose from her mother's tight embrace to run to h
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Mature content
Scent of blood on our hands :iconnuffelita:Nuffelita 6 3
Alley Cat
**** by Nuffelita for Deviant Art ****
The rogue was sneaking through the thick undergrowth. It was trailing someone; the scent of fear lay thick across the forest bed. All senses were alert to catch the smallest disturbance, but the prey didn't stray from the path. The dark haired girl was silent, but sounded like a kodo to her skilled stalker.
Nearby, a small abandoned farmhouse stood silently against the night sky. The girl ran up to it and tugged at the door handle. It wouldn't budge. She banged her fists against the wood hoping someone would be home though in her quiet mind she knew no-one was around.
A sudden noise made her jump; a tall person emerged from the darkness of the woods; an elf by the looks of it.
"Did you forget your key?" The voice was soft and melodious, just like she'd imagined an elf to sound like, though she'd never met one for real. "If you offer me somewhere soft to sleep tonight I'll open it for you. I'm… good with my tools." Something in that cool
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Druid pt2
The Azuremyst pier was deserted. It didn't look as if there had been people there ever, apart from when it had been made, naturally. Varia waded back and forth in the shallow water for hours. No-one came to fetch her. She drew dragons in the sand to pass the time; still no sign of anyone. Only when the moon emerged from behind a cloud did she think it hopeless. Scared to leave the relative safety of the shore, she curled up on the wooden boards. Luckily the moon smelled just as sweet here as in Darnassus. She could always count on the moon to love her, even if no-one else ever did.
The groun
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She was dragging her feet on the wet paving stones. Herbalism class had done nothing to remove her fear of what came next, despite her love of herbs and flowers. Shape shifting was her worst subject, and the other elves laughed at her. The shrivelled piece of moss clinging to her shoe didn't help cheer her up. She sat down on a bench to scrape it off trying to make time stop so she wouldn't have to face her friends. She was miserably cold and wanted to run off and hide.
"Oh, there you are, Varia! Run along now, your master won't wait. It's a big day, isn't it?" A smiling woman stood before her, tall and beautiful like the rest of her kin. She didn't even seem affected by the rain.
Varia suddenly felt scrawny and dirty.
"Y... yes, Priestess. At once..." She leapt up and ran off, not daring to look back. The empty pit returned to her stomach with renewed vigour at the sound of her friends chattering excitedly and she felt a cold shiver run down her spine.
"I'm gonna be a bear!" a dark ha
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Observing the world by Nuffelita Observing the world :iconnuffelita:Nuffelita 0 0 Thoughtful by Nuffelita Thoughtful :iconnuffelita:Nuffelita 0 8


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I log on to DA as I always do during the day, and find my mailbox filled with various fantasy deviations as per usual. I notice that I have a note but figure it's a reminder about some contest or other that I never enter because I'm a scardycat. I look at the various pictures and once it's all deleted I look at the note from :iconmadda-sketches: . It says: "I drew you a picture of the last paragraph of the Druid story."

Easy to say I was shocked! No-one's ever drawn me a gift like this before. I nearly teared up and everything! Madda01 has captured the expression I always thought Varia's grandmother to have as she had to part with her ward, and Varia always looked up to this priestess with admiration of her abilities and compassion, so her position as the loving child unwilling to leave fits really well.

:iconeviane: has drawn Varia a few times with great success, like here:

Then there's :iconwinterqueen: who is an awesome person IRL too who gave me . A beautiful render of my old WoW main Beléwien the Retribution Tailadin.

Again: thank you so very very much!
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Hear me roar!
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About creatures that shy away from the world in general;

I have a theory about dust bunnies. I am convinced that they have a brain, and knowledge about how it functions. Anything with enough intelligence can in fact hide long enough to grow to bestial proportions. This means that dust bunnies are able to migrate, traverse stairs and lift quite heavy objects to keep themselves hidden from view. This also might suggest that they are nocturnal and have very good eye sight.

From time to time I get the distinct feeling of being watched, and since it coincides with the days leading up to my weekly vacuuming I doubt it has anything to do with my usual paranoia. I also sense that something tries very hard to (unnoticeably of course) lick my ankles, so you should be able to imagine the size of the dust bunnies residing beneath my computer desk. This is nothing compared to the stuff I found at my old place when quitting it, but these are my normal struggles. I quite like the feeling of having monsters in my life with hardly any connection to my vivid imagination. My dear mother always said there was no such thing as monsters under my bed, but from the age of three to the age of 13 I still jumped into bed from a safe distance. And weirdly enough, from time to time, I still get the urge to avoid the floor right next to my bed just because I get the odd sensation that the world is slightly on the strange side when I arise from the dead in the morning.

Current Residence: Far north
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Literature, painting and traditional drawings
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Personal Quote: Personally it's not God I dislike. It's his fanclub I can't stand.



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